Millennials are night owls, they want their food at any time day or night and they don’t want to be limited to just a night menu or early bird menu. They want convenience at all times sometimes even at three in the morning. Capitalizing on the late night food market is a smart idea to bring in profit day and night.


Get A Fourth Meal Menu.
More than half of diners under 35 are looking to get food past the typical dinner rush. Fast food restaurants have been catering to these late night cravings for years but you don’t need to be a chain to get into the business of a fourth meal menu. Some may still stick to healthy choices on their late night runs but most the time they are swayed into making not so healthy choices. You want to cater to snack or shareable foods like mozzarella sticks, Nachos, or pretzels. Easy prep meals for those fourth meal cravings makes it easy and quick for your staff.


Offer 24 Hour Breakfast.
A lot of people are too busy for breakfast at the “typical” breakfast times. Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day even though it’s commonly missed. Seven out of ten diners want breakfast served all day, this may be from their busy schedule. You can keep the menu items simple such as breakfast favorites like burritos, sandwiches, simple platters, and healthy morning juices or milk such as apple juice and chocolate milk as well as smoothies to accompany those who prefer a healthier breakfast option. No matter what theme or cuisine you focus on you can make delicious and easy breakfast options available all day.


Offer Desk Meals.
Desk meals work well for businesses close to the offices and business districts. At times the office will be moving fast and there isn’t time for lunch, this introduces desk meals. Desk meals are when you’re making money to put food on the table and you don’t have time to go out and grab something you’re working so hard. Offices will pay to have food delivered often, it’s up to your business website to keep those employers on it. It is a great opportunity for your restaurant to be able to market desk meals, you could be getting great profit from this offer. The hungry diners are depending on your food be delicious, your service being fast, and simple online ordering if you do offer this service.


Office Catering can Become Repeat Customers.
Every time the office caters for the building there is normally left overs the employees go back for when their eyes start to glaze over and the 4PM exhaustion hits paired with their low blood sugar. They go in search for their leftovers of the lunch meeting and luckily it’s your restaurants delicious food. These businessmen are more likely to try something outside of what they’d normally get on a regular menu because there is limited food choices. There’s a higher likelihood that they will choose you over competitors the next time they order office lunch.