DPC46-HC 47″ 8 Bin Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet


New 8 Bin Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet by PURE Manufacturing of Phoenix Arizona, In Stock NOW!


FREE Shipping to Phoenix, Flagstaff & Tucson Metro Areas! ($299 value)


5 Year Warranty on Compressor | 1 Year Parts and Labor by Rapid-Repair In-House Warranty Team


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Mod. DPC46-HC |  47″  x  27-3/4″  x  51-1/8″  | 115 v / 60 hz / 1 Phase / 5.16 A


Creating a mouthwatering presentation and quick serving quality ice cream has never been easier than with the PURE  47″ ice cream freezer dipping cabinet!

The attractive and durable white finish and LED lighting create an eye-catching focal point in your establishment.

The angle glass front creates greater visibility and even allows children to pick out their flavors easily.

The Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient Hydro-Carbon Compressor create an array of energy saving features make this cabinet a great choice for ice cream shops, gelato shops, restaurants and more!

This large capacity ice cream dipping cabinet can hold twelve (12) 3-gallon cans of ice cream. That’s 8 3 gallon cans on display with 4 below in storage.

Each rack comes with an ABS plastic can holders to keep the gallons in place for more efficient scooping.

Equipped with a Hydro-Carbon R290 compressor, the compressor of choice for McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Redbull.

Plus, it comes with 2 night covers to conserve energy overnight.

The brighter LED bulbs actually generate less heat in the cabinet, which reduces power consumption.

The condenser is coated and designed to prevent tarnishing and requires less cleaning. This will save you money on maintenance costs.



  • Stainless steel top with curved glass viewing window. Electronic control system makes it easy to adjust
  • Bright white painted steel interior and exterior. temperature set point and defrost frequency.
  • Refrigeration system keeps ice cream at temperatures Removable installation board makes it easy to access
    between -10℉ and 5℉ (-23℃ to -15℃). condenser coil for cleaning and service.
  • Transparent lids hinged with a full-length handle. These units use HYDRO-CARBON R290 refrigerant,
  • Plastic can holder for each container rack. which is environmentally friendly and more efficient
  • Vibrant LED lighting.


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